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1. affordable prices.
2. professional teachers.
3. participation in festivals and competitions.
4. great variety of modern dance classes.


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Our students receive qualitative and professional training. We pay great attention to physical training and try to give the most complete choreographic basis of the studiy style. Having a great teaching experience and high qualifications, our teachers create effective and optimal training programs.

The priority areas are:

  • development of muscle elasticity and improvement of stretching (for all styles)
  • development of coordination of the whole body and its separate parts (all styles);
  • development of plasticity, expressiveness and clarity of movement (all styles);
  • study the basic movement of the style (all styles);
  • development of musicality and rhythm (all styles);
  • remove the psychological barrier preventing people from dancing (all styles).
  • training of the optimal dance form, excessive weight loss ( except choreography for children);
  • development of strategic skills in dance battles (hip-hop);

New groups are registered not only at the start of the school year, but also throughout the year. We are constantly growing and we have more and more areas of modern choreography for which you can register now.

Competent and attentive trainers from the Impuls center will provide an individual approach to each student. The program of your training and development as a dancer will be based on your own abilities and desires. We will surely help you to develop your personal style, your image and to become a solo and collective dancer.

Dance can set you free, increase your self-esteem, and/or broaden your interests. Our structure was created specifically to help you achieve perfection.

Love for choreography is what unites the friendly team of Center Impuls. We respect the people coming to our house learning to dance! For us, it is really important teach you how to do it effectively and aesthetically.

Artistic director and choreographer - ANASTASIIA FEDORENKO.

See you at our classes!

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